Cream cookers Electric
Bread cutting and Packing  machine line
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Cream Cookers
Cream Cookers

Electric Cream Cooker Machines are great performance heated mixers for bakery and pastry.

Cream cooker
Bread line slicing
Commercial Bread Slicing and packaging
Fast bread bagging machines with date stamps.

Bread slicing and packaging lines with capacity up to 2000 loaves of bread per hour. Manual slicers cutting standard bread slices from 5 to 25 mm with smooth adjustment.

Bread packing
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Ceramic Steam Tube Deck Ovens
Savings: Great heat accumulation, very Low fuel consumption (30% less Than cyclotermic ovens)

Available baking area: 10,3 / 12,3 / 14,2 / 16,2 / 18,2 / 20,2 / 22,2 / 24,2 m²

Steam pipe deck oven