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    Bin tipper lifting eurobin trolley HUB4BIN

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      HUB4BIN Trolley for fast tipping bins or eurobin stuffing containers.

      Compact trolley bin tipper of metal stuffing containers or eurobins generally used in the food, meat, fish, bakery and other industries. The HUB4BIN tipping trolley can be adapted to suit your requirements regarding container type and lifting height.

      The HUB4BIN tipper solves the problem of both transporting and eliminating the heavy human labour of lifting and emptying eurobin containers. The ergonomic and safe transportation of the containers using a battery-powered manipulation trolley (cable-powered option) allows for trouble-free and convenient movement throughout the plant. The stable and lightweight construction means that even heavy stuffing containers can be easily transported and emptied, and the tipping height can be adjusted as required.

      Lifting and turning of the container are done automatically through installed drives. The tipping unit is battery-operated and wireless, which guarantees it is fully mobile throughout the workplace. Bin tipper has an electric system for efficient gripping, lifting and turning the load in compliance with safety requirements. The gripping and clamping system has a safety device that blocks the lifting of a non-secure container. The special design of the trolley guarantees safe, fast and easy transport and handling of the containers.

      Thanks to the independent lifting and turning drives, the system makes it possible to turn the container at any height.

      The HUB4BIN container lifting and turning trolley was developed for the food industry and are suitable for bakeries, confectioneries, butchers, fruit and vegetable processors, fish processors or other food processing plants. The handling trolley made entirely of stainless steel meets hygiene requirements and at the same time makes it easy to clean and hygienic throughout its life.

      HUB4BIN – One person does all the work.

      • Easy to move the mobile unit on wheels.
      • Lifting and tipping containers at any height.
      • Power supply directly from the batteries or, if required, from the mains (shown in the photos).
      • Quick battery recharging – the optional quick-change battery pack system ensures continuous operation, even in multi-shift operation.
      • Simple control panel with lift/lower and swivel buttons.
      • Accidental start-up protection.
      • Safety lifting system – locked when the bin is incorrectly mounted in the handles.
      • Battery status indicator.
      • Bin tippler specially designed for the type of container.
      • Simple control system.
      • Work safety.

      Platform trolley bin tipper for erobins nad stuffing trolleys

      Crates lifter model HUB4Bin

      • Max lift: max 200 l *
      • Lifting height: up to 200 cm
      • Charging: 230 V
      • Made of stainless steel AISI 304
      • safety locks in handles
      • handles designed esspecialy for custom bins

      *lift height is the height of the container edge when rotated

      Bowl lifter for planetary mixers HUB-2