Bread crumb grinder MTB-4

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Efficient, compact and aesthetic bread crumb grinder with perfect granulation.

The device is intended for grinding baking, confectionery and many other products to achieve appropriate final granulation, with further treatment or further part of the process in mind. A product obtained in such a way may be used for the further part of the production process, minimising possible production losses or achieving an appropriate effect of the final product already provided for sale.

The entire bread crumb grinder/dough shredder body is made of top quality acid-proof steel AISI 304.

Caring for the highest quality and hygiene standards, the whole structure is shot-peened, which results in a properly smooth surface, makes the welds smooth and gives an effective look.

There is an enlarged hopper on top of the device allowing more amounts of material to be poured for grinding. In order to stiffen and enhance the impact resistance, the hopper is also ribbed/bent.

The hopper rim is bent to protect the operator against any injuries.

The inlet to the feed pipe is protected with a cut rubber seal. It is provided to prevent excessive dusting and protects the knives and motor against any possible overloading caused by the overfilled pipe.

The ergonomically selected height of the feed pipe protects an employee against direct contact with the knives and access to the interior of the grinding chamber.

Already at the bread crumb grinder design stage, the constructors have designed a seal tightening ring which ensures its easy replacement as well.

The effect of intensive grinding is guaranteed by two high-speed knives. The knives have been designed to properly cut and grind a product – the top bevelled knife is used for initial cutting, whereas the bottom knife crushes and effectively pushes the product through the installed sieve. Access to the knives is protected by an inductive sensor. Opening of the discharge automatically prevents the device from being started – OHS for the sake of your safety.

Product granulation is adjusted with removable sieves. As a standard, the grinder is equipped and delivered to the customer already with 3 sieves with 3, 4 and 5 mm mesh diameters.

To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, we offer sieves up to 10 mm in diameter – stroke every 1 mm.

Minimising the impact of the device on the environment, the connection between the sieve with the hopper is additionally sealed with a shaped gasket, and the hopper can easily be opened and is tightened with a clip.

Hopper opening and closing, replacement of the sieve require no tools – TOOL FREE.

Another important aspect of ergonomic and user-friendly operation on the bread crumb grinder manufactured by MECH-MASZ is the standard equipment of the hopper which is a bag clip.

A bag for collecting a ground product may be easily fixed to the grinder outlet and properly tightened.

The whole structure stands on 4 legs which are widened to ensure full stability.

The legs are equipped with adjustable feet for levelling the grinder to every floor.

For easier transport, the legs have additional transverse beams allowing a pallet truck to enter and move without any effort.

The full stability is also improved by the fact that the motor is positioned at the very bottom of the device, which reduces its centre of gravity, so the device is stable and it is practically impossible to overturn it.

To ensure fast servicing, all-electric components are housed in the box on the rear wall of the device. Access to them is easy and does not require complicated technical operations.


  • Intended for grinding of dried dough,  bread, rolls other bakery and pastry products into crumbs
  • Structure made of stainless steel
  • Self-standing device
  • Firm and stable structure for continuous long hours operation and providing high capacity
  • Double blades with a new system of grinding assistance (applied only in our grinder) ensure desired results
  • Holder for easy bag fitting
  • Easy and quick replacement of sieves (as many as 3 insets) sieve mesh: 5, 4, 3 mm to ensure the desired size of the final product.
  • Base with adjustable height of the legs
  • Protection against accidental product discharge during operation
  • Capacity: up to 500 kg/h
  • Dimensions: 75 x 61 x 145 [cm]
  • Power: 4 KW
  • Power supply: 400V / 50 Hz
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Sieve mesh diameter: sieve I – 3, sieve II – 4, sieve III – 5 [mm]

* Optional sieve mesh from 2 to 10 mm

Bread crumb grinder MTB-4