Bread slicer with circular blade KT-2


Cutting bread slices from 5  to 25 mm with smooth adjustment.

Fast and precise bread slicing with 4 ready to use options.

MECH-MASZ Szczeciński bread slicers are made of top quality components, and the refined design will prove useful in any brad shop, bakery, hotel or gastronomic facility. The precise mechanism with a cutting thickness range from 5 mm to 25 mm, featuring smooth adjustment every 1 mm. The bread cutter KT-2 is equipped with a very durable and sharp Teflon coated knife with an automatic lubrication system for an extended blade lifetime.

KT-2 is bigger version of bread slicing machine KT series, if you are interested in smaller one check KT-1 slicer.

Slicers with circular blade KT-2 bread till 500 mm length

  • Perfect for bread of any type
  • slicing of bread of any type, even with warm crumb
  • oiling system with oil pump power adjustment
  • Teflon knife
  • compact design
  • LCD touch panel
  • Variable slice thickness between 5 and 25 mm, step each 1 mm.

4 bread slicing options ready to use:

  • slicing of an entire bread loaf with preset slice thickness
  • slicing of  half a bread loaf with preset slice thickness
  • cutting a loaf of bread in halves
  • cutting off a preset slices quantity with preset thickness

KT-2: 1129 x 723 x 1097 H [mm]

Maximum cut bread size
KT-2: 230 x 140 x 500 [mm]

Weight: 270 kg
Capacity: 150 slices/min
Power supply: 230V, 60 Hz
Power: 1 KW
Control voltage: 24V
Protection degree: IP 54

Bread slicer with circular blade KT-2