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    Chocolate heating and mixing machine with transmission pump

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      The MKCH Chocolate Melting Machine with Heated Transmission Pump

      A heating machine with a chocolate pump is an ideal solution for improving your production line. You can easily connect the pump to any device (e.g. chocolate coating machine). Thanks to full control over the melting and handling process, the chocolate will not undergo caramelisation and shearing, which guarantees unchanging taste qualities.

      We use reliable mechanisms that can cope even with the most demanding chocolate pressing conditions. The whole set has been adapted to work cycles of several hours. Mobile machine – on wheels as standard

      A machine for heating and mixing chocolate at the same time.

      The mixing process is carried out with the use of a special mixer equipped with scrapers that prevent sticking and burning of the product. The scrapers scrape the product from the walls and bottom of the mixer. Heating is by means of heating oil between the two walls of the boiler so that the heating is very balanced and the mass (chocolates) does not burn. The heat is introduced very evenly into the product, into its entire volume. The MKCH Chocolate Melting Machine is additionally equipped with a third, external layer in order to limit the transfer of heat to the environment. The MK machines have two operating speeds and the possibility to heat up the mass to a required temperature. On request, it is possible to lock the maximum temperature level above which the operator will not set the machine. This is particularly important when mixing and heating chocolate or other coatings or masses. Too high a temperature can change the properties of the product (e.g. in the case of chocolate, too high a temperature can burn and change the taste irreversibly).

      Melting temperatures for chocolate:

      Depending on the quality of the chocolate, the melting points of the chocolate may vary.

      • White chocolate – 40-45°C
      • Milk chocolate – 45-50°C
      • Dessert chocolate – 50-55°C

      Pump for chocolate, icings, puddings and other masses.

      The right choice of the chocolate pump ensures that the pumping process runs smoothly. The chocolate passes fluidly through the pipe and the pump (the heating jacket on the pipe and the pump) and reaches the final receiver in an undamaged form and structure.

      Optional Chocolate Melting Machine configuration:

      • Variable speed (inverter) – a standard by MK-200/300 and 500
      • Bowl cover/grid – available for all models
      • Special, double mixing tool – available for all models
      • LCD – 7′ – full programmable control panel with recipes
      • Laser sensor for product temperature.
      • Special, customized machines – on request.

      See the principle of the heating and mixing machine.

      Cream Cooker model MKCH

      Bowl capacity [litre]: from 30 up to  500 litres

      Temperature: temperature set up as requested.



      More details on request

      Electric Cream Cooker Machine MK