Clipband bag clipping machine with date printer TK-1


Semiautomatic bag clipping machine TK-1

Clipband machine with automatic date printer

Operation of clipping machine TK-1:

  • Semi-automatic device intended to close bags with wired clip
  • automatic operations: tape-feeding, data printing and cut-off, bag closing
  • manual operations: bags feeding and removal
  • all parts getting in contact with food are made of acid-resistant steel 1H18N9T and food-grade materials.

Bag clipper application:

  • intended for the closing of plastic bags containing bakery products or other materials with wire clips which makes safe and esthetic finish of unit packing.
  • An integrated part of the clipping machine is a printer coding the clip with the date of packing
  • wire clip can be opened and closed all over again.

Clipband machine with automatic date printer