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    Doughnut fryer SP-PLUS with a doughnut turning system and with a proofer

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      Doughnut fryer with a doughnut turning system SP-PLUS (a proofer included)

      Doughnut fryer SP-PLUS is the perfect solution for preparing/frying doughnuts – All IN.

      This fryer is a fully equipped stand to carry out the process.

      The fryer is made completely of stainless steel.
      SP-PLUS is a mobile unit on wheels for easy movement.

      Doughnut fryer SP-PLUS is fully equipped with the following elements:

      • oil bowl
      • heating control panel with the possibility of removing it completely from the bowl for cleaning
      • oil drain valve
      • two special baskets for removing doughnuts
      • drainer
      • proofing chamber
      • 5 rotating trays for proofing doughnuts and throwing them into oil once
      • the doughnut turner is located in the oil pan for turning all doughnuts once

      Optionally, it is possible to buy additional rotating trays for the proofer, trolleys for trays and baskets for removing doughnuts.

      At the customer’s request, the panel can be equipped with a time clock with a buzzer informing about the need to turn the doughnuts.

      There are 3 models of  fryers:

      • SP-48/G PLUS – up to 48 doughnuts
      • SP-60/G PLUS – up to 60 doughnuts
      • SP-80/G PLUS – up to 80 doughnuts

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      Model Number of standard
      doughnuts [pcs]
      Internal dimensions
      of the bowl [mm]
      External dimensions of the fryer with closed cover [mm] External dimensions of the fryer with opened cover [mm] Power [kW]
      SP-48/G PLUS 48 640x615x145 840 x 660 x 1140 1400 x 660 x 1230* 7
      SP-60/G PLUS 60 840x615x145 1040 x 660 x 1140 1800 x 660 x 1230* 8,5
      SP-80/G PLUS 80 1040x615x145 1240 x 660 x 1140 2200 x 660 x 1230* 10

      Doughnut fryer with a proofer