Doughnuts fryers with stand

Doughnuts fryers with stand



Electric SP frying pans on stand

Intended for frying doughnuts, cenci, fish and other products prepared in deep oil.

All elements of the donut fryer are made of the highest quality stainless steel OH18N9. Simple moulds and a bowl profiled in the direction of the tap – oil drain make it very easy to keep clean. The heaters with the control panel are an element that can be removed from the bowl to quickly wash it or clean the bottom of the bowl. In order to ensure maximum safety, the heaters at the control panel do not heat up in the non-submerged oil zone and have a dead zone. Excellent isolation prevents the heat from heating up of the fryer and bowl covers. The doughnut fryer has a safety thermostat to prevent overheating and burning of oil in case of damage to the controls. The LED on the control panel indicates the fact of heating or already properly heated oil. Heaters are raised above the bottom of the bowl, which prevents crumbs, flour, etc. from burning. Basket handles are made of non-heated material. SP doughnut and fish fryers are perfect in confectioneries, doughnut shops, restaurants and fish frying rooms.

  • 4 models are available: for 24, 48, 60 and 80 doughnuts.
  • All machine elements are made of the highest quality 0H18N9 acid-resistant steel.
  • Easy to clean due to simple design.
  • Perfect insulation ensures only slight heating of the external layer.
  • 2 termostats, one for normal work and second as a safety one.

No failure of the heating system has been reported for the last 10 years of production.

Low power consumption is an advantage for our fryer users

Wide variety of standard equipment of fryer with base:

  • oil pan
  • removeable heating elements
  • drip pan/cover
  • oil drain
  • base with 2 shelves
  • 2 baskets for doughnuts

4 models of fryers available

 Model Estimate standard doughnuts quantity [pcs] Outside dimensions [mm] Internal pan size [mm] Power [KW] Power supply
SP-24 24  665 x 460 x 950 H 494 x 414 x 180 H 6 400 Volt / 50 Hz/ 3Ph
SP-48 48 840 x 670 x 1020 H 640 x 615 x 145 H 6 400 Volt / 50 HZ/ 3Ph
SP-60 60 1040 x 670 x 1020 H 840 x 615 x 145 H 7,5 400 Volt / 50 HZ/ 3Ph
SP-80 80 1240 x 670 x 1020 H 1040 x 615 x 145 H 9 400 Volt / 50 HZ/ 3Ph

Doughnuts fryers with stand