Dry powder mixing machine

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Stainless steel cone dry powder mixer

Mixer can be used in food, powder, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

The mixer is efficient, fine container rotary mixing equipment for the various powder and mix granular materials, a high degree of mixing, add small amounts of ingredients can also achieve a better degree of mixing;

Twin cone drum mixers are designed for mixing loose products in both granulated and powdered form (teas, herbs, spices, powdered ice cream, flour, etc.). It is especially recommended to use this type of mixers where it is important to maintain the structure of granulation of ingredients in the mixture.

Powder mixer operation is controlled from the control panel on the control box. It is possible to set the rotational speed of the drum and mixing time, after which the mixer automatically stops.

The main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel. The base of the powder mixer ensures the stability of the machine during operation. The mixing process takes place in a double-sided closed drum. Loading takes place in the upper part of the drum after removing the lid. The product is discharged through a discharge valve DN80.

The machine uses a mechanical seal, the powder does not leak.


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