Electric cream cooker MK 300 liters

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Cream Cooker Cuocicrema model MK-300

Cuocicrema with bowl capacity 300 liters ready to use and cooking by bain-marie method

It’s a most popular and suitable cooker in big bakeries, pastries and food industry.  Depending of the recipe Mk-300 is able to prepare up to 270 litres of ready product.

Bain-Marie cooking concept provides always excellent and expected results.

This model has wide range of standard equipment like: working timer, temperature regulator, variable speed of mixing tool (inverter), motorized and friendly to use bowl tipping system, hygienic and removable bowl tap DN-80. Cream Cooking machine is fully made of high quality stainless steel, very robust and heavy duty especially for industry work.

Depends on the actual needs it’s possible to use either 50% or 100% of heating Power. It’s very helpful function and has a big influence to reduce costs. Maximum, standard temperature is 150°C but can be changed on higher on request.

Bowl cover has a small hopper to add ingredients or to check the product without stopping the machine. Bowl cover, grid cover and bowl right, vertical position are protected with sensors so it’s impossible to start machine which is not ready to use. It’s possible to make a choice between standard or special, double mixing tools. Both tools are of course equipped with side and bottom scrapers to protect Your product. Electric system has a phase controller to check always a right rotation of the mixing tool.

Cream Cookers body construction / stand is prepared to use standard pump rack to easy remove it from place.

More technical details – see PDF. brochure

  • MK machines are intended for production and preparation of choux pastry, pastry creams, chocolate, fondant, fruit jams, coating, stuffing, various mixtures of original recipes, as well as for any product which require even heating and smooth blending. Often used in pastries and bakeries.
  • Blending process is carried out by mixing tool with side and bottom scrapers, which prevent the mixture from sticking and burning. Scrapers are intended to collect mixture layers from side and bottom of the bowl.
  • Scrapers fast removing system, without any tools, for cleaning or changing
  • Thermal oil inserted between 2 wall coats is providing even heat distribution, safe for the product during work.
  • Outer, third coat of the bowl prevents machine from heat loss
  • 2 working speed, (variable on request)
  • Maximal temperature up to 150°C, on request max. temperature can be blocked on another, lower level.
  • All elements which get in contact with food are made of high quality acid-resistance steel or food-grade materials.
  • Tilting bowl with stop at any position for easy discharging and cleaning – rotation wheel by MK-30,60,80,120 and motorized by MK-200/300/500)
  • Bowl cover with inspection hooper for monitoring of operating process and addition of ingredients without necessity of machine stopping.
  • All important electrical elements are placed inside electrical box at the machine side in order to prevent from fumes and high temperature.
  • Timer – manual or automatic work
  • Safety temperature switch protects by overheating,
  • Bowl tap DN-80 – standard by MK-200/300 and 500.
  • Each machine can be prepared with bowl tap
  • Movable, with castors


  • Bowl tap DN-50 – available for MK-30, 60, 80, 120
  • Variable speed (inverter) – standard by MK-200/300 and 500
  • Cooling system with fan cooler – available for all models
  • Bowl cover / grid – available for all models
  • Special, double mixing tool – available for all models
  • LCD – 7′ – full programmable control panel with formulas
  • Laser sensor for product temperature.
  • Special, customized machines – on request.

Cream Cooker model MK-300

Bowl capacity [liter]: 300

Heaters  power  [KW]: 12/24

Motor power [KW]: 5,5

Thermal oil volume [liter]:  +/- 55

Weight [kg]: 850

Dimensions [cm]: 164 x 134 x 220

Recommended bowl content Min-Max  [liter]: 30 – 250

Electric Cream Cooker Machine MK