Feeding hopper, chunker continuous dough feed system


Feeding hoppers, chunkers for continuously work of production lines

Device is placed above the dough divider hopper, providing continuous supply of dough to the divider. Operating height depends on divider type and is to be agreed on order.

Hopper itself, elements of construction and all other parts getting in contact with dough are made of high quality stainless steel. Optionally, internal layer of a hopper and feeding blades are high quality Teflon coated protecting from excessive dough stick. Operating elements are 2 feeding knives, each equipped with 3 wings. Rotating speed and feeding intensity is controlled fluently by means of an inverter. The dough feed system ideal for continuous work of production lines.

Feeding hoppers operating modes available.

Manual feeding mode: to set the number of dough batches

Automatic feeding mode: The device is equipped with 2 light sensors, of which 1 is applied for continuous check of intermediate hopper load and informs about the necessity of dough supply in case of its absence. The 2. sensor is placed on the divider hopper for its load check and activates automatically dough feeding if necessary for continuous operation.