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    Flour sifter machine stainless steel

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      Flour sifter machine – sieving like by hand

      Top quality flour sifting

      PM-12 stainless steel version

      PM-12/A – stainless steel version with automatic bags lifting / tilting system as an option – ask for more details

      A special sieving system “cradle” working on the pendulum principle, available only in our sifters, eliminates two basic problems related to flour sowing:

      • it does not cause excessive dusting
      • does not cause the flour to be rubbed and its structure to be disturbed, as in other competing devices operating on the principle of centrifugal force, which automatically translates into a better quality of the product

      Thanks to this technology, the screened flour is also well-tensioned, which brings measurable benefits in the next stage. Compact design – space requirements are kept to a minimum.

      Use of swivel castors – very easy to move.

      Simple moulds – easy to keep clean.

      On request:

      change of the standard mesh size of the screen according to the wish, adapting the device to sow another product
      change of flour lifting height up to 3.5 m
      With this technology sifted flour is provided with proper aeration beneficial in the further process.

      Solid structure – the amount of occupied space is reduced to the minimum

      Swivel castors – easy to move

      Simple design – easy to clean

      The flour sifter machine produced by MECH-MASZ Żnin is one of the new generations of this type of machine with an innovative sieving solution – “sieving delicate almost like by hand”.


      1. Put the flour bag onto the supporting shelf and turn on the machine
      2. Fill the hopper with flour
      3. Flour is sifted by a movable sieve
      4. Sifted flour is fed to the collectors which throw the material into the warm
      5. Flour is transported by the warm to the outlet and fed directly into the mixer bowl.


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