Mixers with removable tools and bowls SM-T

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Mixers with removable bowls are available in capacity from 80 kg to  250 kg of dough and are designed to whisk and cream  pastry mixtures as well as to prepare light cakes. Machine body is made of steel, varnished. Stainless steel body is available at customers order. Operating parts of the machine: bowl, tools, dough scraper and a wire safety lid are made of acid resistant steel. At customers order available also solid plastic safety lid; Employment of belt drives provides an exceptional silent operation of the machine. The head of a mixer is lifted automatically thanks to hydraulic cylinders. Applied catch paws of hydraulic system provide automatic bowl coupling to machine body. Easy to operate touch control panel provides complete programming and storing of the production process, setting operation time and temperature check of treated masses (temperature detector is placed in a scraper). Machine can be equipped optionally with integrated water meter. A solenoid valve installed on machine head is to dispense preset amounts of water into the bowl directly from existing water system. Machine is equipped with LED bowl lighting. SM-T has a quick-connect coupling for easy tool replacement (no spiral hook for typical dough treatment can be used in this model). Set of removable tools consists of flat stirrer, cross stirrer and whisk. Fluent adjustment of tool speed is provided by using a converter controlling motor operation. Required power supply is 400V. In case of an electric system failure, further operation of the machine can be continued if manual mode is turned on – manual mode switch located at the back of the machine body. Machine was manufactured in accordance with applicable CE standards.

Model Bowl capacity [kg] Bowl diameter [cm] Dimensions [cm] Power [KW] Weight [kg]
SM 130 T
80 70 147 x 85 x 128 H 4,2 700
SM 180 T
120 75 150 x 88 x 129 H 4,2 726
SM 260 T
160 86 158 x 93 x 138 H 7,1 797
SM 320 T
200 94 170 x 103 x 146H 8,6 1149
SM 350 T
250 100 175 x 106 x 156 H 12,5 1297