Mobile proofing chamber 20 trays- narrow Prof-1

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Moveable proofer for 20 trays Prof-1

Perfect solution for shops, small bakeries, pastries, catering facilities.

We offer proofing chamber PROF-1 model for 20x trays of size 40 x 60 cm, varying in dimensions, so it is always possible to select a chamber for individual needs and a place in which it is to be positioned. For proper climate circulation inside the chamber, an efficient fan has been used, space is maintained between the walls and the tray rack, and between the trays themselves. A modern, drop climator unit generates a sufficient amount of steam, preset humidity and temperature parameters are adjusted and maintained in a fully automatic way. An intuitive and fully legible control panel. After setting the parameters, daily operations involve pressing the start button at the beginning of work and the stop button when all the work is done only. Very easy to move thanks to the castors (two front castors with a brake).

Model PROF 1 – narrow

  • capacity: 20 trays
  • trays size: 400 x 600 mm – 600 mm side insert
  • outer size: narrow version 650 x 875 x 2020 mm
  • power: 3,0 kW
  • power supply: 230 V, 1 Ph
  • water connection: 3/4′
  • stainless steel