Planetary mixer V-Mix 60/80/100/120 litres

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Planetary mixer V-Mix 60/80/100/120 litres

Robust construction and innovative solutions used in the construction of the mixer put the machine at the forefront of top models from around the world. A number of technical solutions allow it to work with dough and masses in the entire bakery and confectionery industry.

Thanks to the mechanical system of lifting and lowering the bowl, there is no need to remove the tool. This guarantees continuous and efficient work on the production line. Modern solutions in the design of gears ensure high efficiency of the mixer while reducing energy consumption. The planetary mixer makes it possible to process small quantities of dough, cream or paste.

An additional option to be considered is a special system for aerating the mass in the bowl. The aeration of the mass ensures quick whipping, while the final quality of the product is significantly higher. It is worth noting that the reduced whisking time has an impact on lowering the temperature of the mixed dough. Innovative 3D shape of the whisk

The series of planetary beaters V-Mix is already a proven design, which is popular not only in Poland, but also worldwide.

Basic functions and equipment:

  • Continuous speed change – inverter control,
  • Possibility of programming up to 20 recipes
  • Mixing time settings
  • Mixer bowl lifted automatically
  • 3 tools included as standard
  • Mixing bowl in set
  • Easy to clean


  • Raise and lower the bowl without removing the working tool
  • Short time of processing dough

Available Models:

  • V-MIX: 60 litres
  • V-MIX: 80 litres
  • V-MIX: 100 litres
  • V-MIX: 120 litres

Additional options available:

aeration system