Rotary Accumulation table for packing lines


Rotary Accumulation table

Stainless steel rotary table for bakery and other food industry.

Accumulation tables are designed to collect excessive quantities of products coming off production lines. They can also even out their flow, buffer them or separate individual items. By using rotary tables, workers have enough time to pack products into cartons, trays or crates and eliminate faulty pieces. The receiving and dispensing tables are perfectly suited for products packed in plastic bags, boxes and many other types of packaging: cardboard or plastic. Buffer tables are most often located at the end of the production line and significantly improve the manual work of process line operators.

The receiving table is designed to work together with the bread slicing and packaging line or with the SPA-3000 packaging line alone.

The buffer table is suitable for adaptation to almost any production line: bread, dairy, food, cosmetic and chemical industry.

All surfaces that may come into contact with the packed product are made of acid-resistant steel 1H18N9T or other materials approved for contact with food. It is possible to adjust the size and height of the table.