Steam tube deck ovens


Steam pipe deck ovens – Ideal for each bakery product

PPCR ovens are intended for all bakery products, in particular for bread  and bread rolls

Steam pipe oven PPCR thanks it’s innovative pipes system is a great choice for a all kind of breads, rolls and bakery products. The steam pipes deck oven PPCR is a static oven, with baking chambers arranged vertically. Its chief characteristic is the heating system: a dense network of closed circuit pipes in which steam circulates. The baking chambers are wrapped by these annular tubes that radiate heat. The floor and ceiling of each chamber are in direct contact with the band of pipes and receive heat by conduction.

An internal smoke channel, entirely in refractory material, transmits the energy from the combustion to the pipes. This provides a high energy supply ensuring even cooking on all levels. The perfectly sized smoke ducts made of refractory bricks, automatic device for the draft adjustment and the lateral paddled concretes guarantee low consumption, quick temperature recovery and perfect uniform baking.

This oven provides a constant and excellent evenness of the temperature and its extraordinary stability after loading. The baking products rest on slabs made from a special concrete mix suitable for alimentary use. These furnish a perfect heat distribution over the entire surface. Each chamber is made in stainless steel and supplied from powerful steam generators that make available repeated inlets of large quantities of steam. The powerful steam system is independent for each baking chamber, and its technical conformation and high efficiency materials, provides immediate steam expansion, penetrating into the baking chamber in large quantities. The oven loading and unloading operations are facilitated. The stainless steel input mouths are arranged for the use of the proper conveyor belts, and are equipped with balanced doors of tempered crystal glass and steel. These doors can be easily removed from their seats, in order to allow an easy cleaning of the doors themselves and of the baking chamber. The oven works with a gas or diesel burner and, on request with a solid fuel furnace.

The pipe oven complies with the latest CE regulations.

Available baking area: 10,3 / 12,3 / 14,2 / 16,2 / 18,2 / 20,2 / 22,2 / 24,2 m²

Great heat akumulation, very Low fuel consumption (30% less Than cyklotermic ovens)

Powerfull steam system, ideal And regular results

Very silence work, there are Nor turbins / fans

Possible to heat with

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Steam pipe deck ovens – Ideal for each bakery product

Model Baking surface
Internal dimensions of deck [mm]
External dimensions of oven [cm]
Number of decks
PPCR-10 10,20 1860 x 1385 x 180 2520 x 2700 x 2300 4
PPCR-12 12.30 1860 x 1650 x 180 2520 x 2965 x 2300 4
PPCR-14 14,20 1860 x 1915 x 180 2520 x 3230 x 2300 4
PPCR-16 16,20 1860 x 2180 x 180 2520 x 3495 x 2300 4
PPCR-18 18,20 1860 x 2445 x 180 2520 x 3760 x 2300 4
PPCR-20 20,20 1860 x 2710 x 180 2520 x 4025 x 2300 4
PPCR-22 22,20 1860 x 2975 x 180 2520 x 4290 x 2300 4
PPCR-24 24,20 1860 x 3240 x 180 2520 x 4555 x 2300 4

Steam tube deck ovens


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