Water spray system and seed applicator


Water spray system and seed applicator for bakery products.

Decorating equipment bakery water sprayer and seeder.

The device is intended to spray water over dough batches like ciabatta rolls. Dough batches are being transported by means of round stripes made of plastic of type RLC-5 and a diameter of 5 mm. The device is supplied with running water which is directed to spraying nozzles – 9 nozzles in a set – 4 upper and 5 bottoms. The residual amount of water is collected in a tank which needs to be discharged every dozen cycles. The water sprayer and seeder is made of high stainless steel. The water spray system and seed applicator are driven by an inverter.


  • Model
  • Dimensions [cm]: 195 x 83 x 135 H
  • Power [KW]: 0,38
  • Power supply: 230 Volt / 50 Hz
  • Weight [kg]: 180