Feeding hopper

Dough Feeding hoppers
Feeding dough automatically or manually.
Full production line integration available.
Feeding hopper with automatic or manual mode, the conveyor system can be made especially for needs depends on the size of the production line. Hopper itself, elements of construction and all other parts getting in contact with the dough are made of high-quality stainless steel. Optionally, the internal layer of a hopper and feeding blades are Teflon coated protecting from excessive dough stick. Feeding hoppers, chunkers are designed for continuous work of production lines.

Feeding hoppers can provide the dividers or whole lines of dough blocks through a system of moving knives or guillotine.

Hoppers are equipped with 2 dough level sensors one to check the right dough level inside the divider hopper and the second to check the dough level inside the hopper and to inform the operator that the next dough batch is needed.

Construction is made of stainless steel, feeding hopper work in fully automatic mode to keep always the same, requested dough level inside the divider.

Some available options like a Teflon cover of hopper internal surface and knives, an oiling system, and special conveyors to transmit the dough to the required place.

On request some special, customized „L” or „U” shape inspection platform is available.
Dough cutting area, knives are easily removable to enable the highest possible hygienic level.