Flour sifting machines

Flour sifting machines
Sieving flour like by hand
A new generation of sifting machines with an innovative sieving solution – “sieving delicate almost like by hand”.

Flour sifters machines fully made of stainless steel – model PM-12, white painted – model PM-11 and stainless steel and equipped with automatic bags lift – model PM-12/A are suitable to clean the flour from possible dirt like pieces of paper/pieces of twine etc.

It is an essential machine in every bakery, pastry or food industry.

MECH-MASZ flour sifters are known for the unique aeration of the flour. This has a big influence on final product quality and final flour absorption of water.

Sieving art is based on a special „cradle” with fast left and right vibration. It’s a system similar to sieving by hand.

This system protects flour structure against any damage and is much better compared to old systems based on centrifugal force.

Look at videos in Video Section to understand our idea better:

Check our video to understand our sieving idea better.

See our Video…

Use our sifters even for „lumpy” flour because only thanks to this special sieving system you can achieve a perfect flour structure to use to produce your best quality products. Standard high of outlet pipe suits to most spiral mixers bowls but can be always increased even up to 2,5 m – on request.

Every flour sifter has wheels and is easily removable without any force. Easy to clean, operate and maintain.