Lifting Trolleys

Lifters and dumping trolleys for various containers, boxes, barrels, and rolls.

Battery-charged automatic bowl lifters for planetary mixers with extendable legs to adjust for every beater. Collecting the bowl directly from the beater without moving it by hand. Super easy to move – a mobile castor lifter. Aesthetic stainless steel design – smooth device and easy to keep clean.

All lifting Trolleys can be adjusted to specific needs, HUB lifters can handle almost all kinds of containers up to 250 kilograms. Every model presented is custom-made to meet your needs. The main changes made in the projects are the height of the tipping, leg dimensions (to match the line), adjustable arms, and an additional changeable battery pack. Other construction changes are also available.

For more details about HUB lifting trolleys contact us or meet with us online.