Bread slicing and packaging lines projects

Bread slicing and packaging lines projects

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Project Description

The efficient and compact line for cutting and packing different types of bread.

MECH-MASZ Szczeciński has developed a complete slicing and packaging line that handles bread carefully and efficiently. The line includes the following packaging machines, which can also be used individually:

  • Bread Slicer with Band Knives
  • Bag blower  with packaging station or automatic packing robot
  • bagging machine with date printer on clips

Thanks to the bread slicing and packaging line, you will reduce the time and manpower required for your work. The line is capable of packing approx. 2000 loaves of bread per hour. It takes about 8 hours for 6 people to do such work with traditional slicers. Thanks to the quick cutting and packaging process your bread will arrive fresh and crunchy straight from the bakery.