Customized proofing chambers

Customized proofing chambers

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Project Description

Modern proofing cabinets custom made for you.

Also available as pass-through chambers.

The proofing cabinet allows for very precise control of the proofing process of raw dough. A modular air conditioning system with integrated stainless steel airflow prevents air from being blown directly onto the raw dough. The very slow airflow ensures a constant environment that moistens and tempers the entire dough extremely evenly – regardless of which part of the cell it is in.

Using the controls on the front of the unit, you can easily adjust the temperature, humidity, proofing time and lighting to suit your needs. You can also adjust the strength and speed of the airflow. The proofing chamber ensures very even proofing of all doughs. In this way, it performs the important preparatory work in the production of premium bread.

Proofing cabinets adapted to your requirements.

Our proofing cabinet is designed exactly according to your requirements. Loading and unloading can take place from both sides. This version is particularly suitable as it allows optimum use of space.

  • Customized commercial proofing chamber

  • Mobile proofing chamber 20 trays- narrow Prof-1

  • Mobile proofing chamber 20 trays- wide PROF-2

  • Climator unit AK-3 for proofing chambers – temperature and humidity control