Bread slicing and packaging machines

Bread Slicing and packaging machines – Industrial and Commercial use.

Fast bread bagging machines with date stamps.

Bread slicing and packaging lines with a capacity of up to 2000 loaves of bread per hour. Manual slicers cutting standard bread slices from 5 to 25 mm with smooth adjustment. Check our high-quality products.

Machines are suitable to cut a wide range of bread, white, rye, mix even with fruits or vegetables.

Depends on the machine model it’s possible to achieve from 200 (semi-automatic models) even up to 2000 sliced bread loaves per hour (bread cutting and packaging lines).

Special bread slicers models with circular round knife give an option to cut the bread on requested slice thickness started from 5 till 25 mm, step each 1 mm. Those models are especially very popular in a shop to give to the customer the best possible quality and service level or in smaller or medium bakeries to cut untypical bread-like very soft or very hard or with some special ingredients.

Bread packing machine and equipment

Clipping machines can operate independently (manual feeding) or be integrated into a production line (automatic feeding).