Doughnut fryers

Doughnut fryers, deep donuts fryers.

For over 30 years we have been supplying our customers with modern equipment, specialist machines or functional devices dedicated to large and smaller confectioneries or bakeries. We offer, among others, advanced doughnut fryers in classic, semi-automatic and fully automatic variants. 

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Donuts fryers are equipped with modern solutions, thanks to which they can quickly prepare not only doughnuts but also other products requiring quick frying in oil (such as fish or favourites). The fryers are also equipped with appropriate protection, in the form of non-heating different elements or thermostats to prevent oil from burning. 

We also offer specialist doughnut stuffing and dosing machines, both manual and automatic. These devices are easy to configure, thanks to which they allow for quick, failure-free operation. Recommended fillers will be suitable for various types of filling – we also have variants suitable e.g. chocolate. Thanks to our offer, you will be able to properly equip doughnut shops, confectioneries or bakeries with modern, efficient and safe fryers and fillers. Check the offered equipment and contact us – we will help you choose the right model that will meet all your expectations.