Dosing machines

A wide range of dispensers for a variety of tasks such as filling, dispensing cream and dough, and even dense masses with additives.
Do you need a manual stuffing machine that is simple to use and easy to clean? See the one-needle or two-needle manual stuffers/ doughnut fillers. Or maybe would you prefer dosing and filling to be done automatically? Take a look at the D-max dispenser, which can handle a multitude of tasks in your workshop thanks to its ability to replaceable tips. Or are you looking for something very versatile and universal? Then look at the U-MAX doser, which, thanks to its design, is capable of dosing a wide range of products from liquids (even water) to stuffing with pieces of approx. 1 cm in diameter. Screw mechanism design in such a small machine is very rare, usually meet in line big machines solutions.