Modular electric deck oven MODULO 4


Modular electric deck oven MODULO 4


Bakery and pastry modular deck ovens Modulo 4

This model is for 4 baking trays per deck

Modulo ovens are widely used in pastries, bakeries, shops and intended for a wide variety of bakery products. For customer’s choice, we offer Modulo in 7 models of chamber capacity: from 1 up to 8 trays of size 40×60 cm.

The modular structure enables to design of an oven up to 6 chambers in its maximal and this is to ensure a complete range of capacities from 1 to 48 trays of size 40×60 cm. Regardless of its capacity every Modulo can be delivered  “in pieces” and assembled in place.

The front panel, as well as oven housing, is made of polished steel AISI 304 providing aesthetic advantages and practical benefits of easy cleaning.

Each Modulo oven can be equipped with a proving chamber or with a stand.

Modulo is provided with electrical heating; modern heaters applied

  • each chamber can be turned on/off separately to match adequate oven efficiency to current production needs
  • separate temperature selecting for top and bottom of the single-chamber to provide ideal temperature condition for different products.
  • separate steam generators assigned to each chamber separately to be easily operated directly from the control panel

More than 20 years of experience in the production of bakery ovens brought us to design the Modulo oven, distinguishing from other solutions, especially for its extended life, energy savings, and most of all, stable environment and even baking conditions.

  • Each chamber has a profiled sheeting which ensures better rigidity of the structure and provides a trapezium-shaped nest to place heating elements.
  • Each heating element is installed separately; this solution protects heaters from self slide out during the baking cycle (preheating/cooling)
  • Each heating element is specially profiled on its left and right side to provide an extended heating zone at chamber sides for even baking
  • None of the controlling elements of Modulo like: contactors, fuses, relays are placed on oven walls. In order to protect those fragile elements from temperature effects, they were moved and installed in one stainless electric box. Further, it facilitates the supervising and maintenance of the oven.
  • Heaters are wired with silicone tubing what ensures heat resistance significantly exceeding real temperature in those places.
  • As a result of our know-how, we implemented specific heaters arrangements along the chamber to provide excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Each chamber is equipped with venting stripes placed between sidewalls and oven decks and that solution has a significant impact on temperature leveling and even baking.
  • Even steam distribution is guaranteed by rear sheet panel with steam vents
  • Product baking to be carried on trays or directly on ceramic slabs with a higher smoothness level.
  • Front parts of ceramic slabs are equipped with stainless masking frames to protect from a direct hit with ex. a tray.
  • Oven forms and the joints are aligned what ensures easy cleaning; a tool-free, quick assembly system of double hardened glass door enables also easy dismantling.
  • Complete oven insulation using isolating wool of medium or higher density level, dependingly on its placing + additionally screen sheet reflecting off the heat
  • every oven is equipped with the controller of water pressure to secure adequate dosing and to control a steamer temperature and prevent the overflow of water.

Depending on the model, our ovens are equipped with sturdy metal castors, or in the case of smaller models – with rotating castors.

Each chamber is lighted with halogen lamps and a proving chamber with LED lamps.

At the customer’s request, our Modulo oven can be configured with an automatic control unit for baking cycle programming. The baking process i.e. temperature, time, steaming, opening/closing of discharge pipe – can be realized automatically.

Configure your own Modulo that meets your needs


Model Number of trays
(40×60 cm) on deck
Internal dimensions
of the chamber [cm]
External dimensions

of the chamber [cm]

Installed power
1 63 x 55 x 18 100 x 100 2,8 with steam
2 63 x 90 x 18 99 x 138 4,5 with steam
MODULO 2D 2 83 x 70 x 18 120 x 120 4,5  with steam
4 123 x 90 x 18 160 x 138 6,0/8,4
MODULO 4D 4 83 x 130 x 18 126 x 178 6,0/8,4
6 123 x 130 x 18 160 x 178 8,0/10,4
8 123 x 168 x 18 160 x 218 12,3/15,0

Modular electric deck oven MODULO


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